believe that the best projects are achieved when everyone involved works together.  The results can be truly amazing and you end up with something inspirational.  Let us help you create a comfortable, attractive and functional environment that will provide you with a beautiful space to call home. ​

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Move Management and Transition Services

Victoria, BC  Canada

We offer custom tailored design solutions for all aspects of your residential project including:

Interior Design​

​Do you want to save money avoiding costly mistakes?  Do you want help increasing the value of your home?  Maybe you just need help figuring out how to get the most bang for your buck?  We can help you do all that and more!  We can save you time and money researching products and brands.  We know where to get the best prices.  We can act as a liaison between you and the contractors, and help you to ask all the right questions.  We can help you with our resources and trade connections.  We can communicate your vision to those doing the actual work while fostering a cooperative atmosphere, because we

Simply Downsizing offers a broad range of interior design services in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas.

  • concept development

  • CAD drawings

  • space planning

  • custom kitchen, bathroom and furniture design

  • fixture consultations

  • colour consultations

  • interior/exterior materials and finishes selection

  • window treatments

  • accessory placement/art hanging

  • professional shopping services

  • project management

  • trade references