If you're interested in having your home staged, call us for a consultation so that we can assess your needs.  At the end of the consultation, you will come away with an itemized "to-do" list of all of the ideas and suggestions to completely transform your home.  You have the choice to take all or part of our recommendations and do them yourself or with our help and expertise.  You decide how much our how little help you require, and how much you're willing to invest to get the most profitable return.  Please note that the cost of the staging consultation is dependent on the size of your home and is not a complementary service.  

  • organizing, sorting, and decluttering

  • editing and arranging furniture, accessories and art

  • depersonalizing

  • organizing any repairs, upgrades, cleaning, hauling away, etc.

  • coordinating any furniture and/or accessory rentals or purchases

  • increasing curb appeal

  • referring trades

  • supervising and coordinating trades

  • finding a realtor

​Want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar?  Staged homes are proven to sell more quickly than those that aren't, and that translates into less living in limbo for you.  It is challenging to keep your home perfect for showings, and that alone makes staging appealing, however, if a home is staged properly, it will also sell for more money and who doesn't want more money?  Your home is often your largest asset so it is in your best interest to squeeze out the maximum amount possible when you sell it.  It makes sense that sometimes you need to spend a little to gain a lot, but for the average homeowner, staging also involves using what you currently



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Move Management and Transition Services

Victoria, BC  Canada

​Simply Downsizing offers home staging services in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas.

have in different ways.  There may be some minor recommendations for repairs or upgrades, but staging doesn't have to cost thousands.  Usually with some good organizing, decluttering and depersonalizing, we can work wonders with you to create a home that appeals to the broadest spectrum of potential buyers.  Our goal is to minimize the disruption in your life by maximizing your home's appeal and increasing your profit margin.

Our services include: