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I’m so grateful to Renee, who ensured that my in-laws’ sale of their house and move into their new apartment went very smoothly.  My in-laws had lived in their house for many years, and, in order to maximize the viewing potential, Renee worked with them to get it ready for sale, from helping them to choose what to put into storage to organizing and supervising painters and cleaners.  This was all done within my in-laws’ budget.  She also organised the removal to the new apartment, and assisted with the furniture and accessory placement and the purchase of some new items.  Renee’s assistance greatly helped the realtor during the sale of the house.  Knowing that Renee was there to help my in-laws eased our minds during this stressful period, and, thanks to Renee’s efforts, my in-laws were able to quickly and happily settle into their new home.

Sandra Giles


When moving from our family home to our new two bedroom condo, Renee was instrumental in choosing what to bring with us.  She was happy to help us incorporate some of our more “treasured pieces”, but we also had fun shopping for some new furniture, art and accessories.  Our new condo felt a bit too new and boxy for us, and Renee had some inexpensive and creative ways to make it stylish, functional and more to our personal taste.  We were really worried about the transition, but Renee made the whole experience quite enjoyable; we are happy to recommend her.

Barbara and Charlie Buijert


Renee came into our home and gave us the information we needed to sell our home quickly.  She showed us how to de-clutter, de-personalize and showcase our home.  We had our buyer in 5 days in a market downturn and we sold it for just under our asking price!  Our realtor told us we were dream clients because our house was ready to be photographed and showed beautifully.  Renee’s respectful and helpful attitude made it easy.  It was a worthwhile investment which resulted in a quick sale at a great price.

When we were getting ready to move into our new home, we called on Renee again for assistance with choosing paint colours, flooring and window coverings.  She also gave us input on artwork, furniture placement, storage and any new pieces that we needed.  Her advice was fantastic, and the result is a home we now love and that reflects our personalities and needs.

Dave and Anita Chiddle


I was fortunate to have Renee help me design my new kitchen.  With her thoughtful use of colour and attention to detail in the design, Renee has created a kitchen that not only looks great, but is functional and reflects my style.  Renee was always available and enthusiastic, offering timely and thoughtful suggestions.

Lise Donaldson




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